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Raksha Private Detectives In Delhi Noida
Raksha Detective Agency, a Delhi/ Noida based investigation agency, is established detective agency in Noida, headed by Major Rakesh Upadhyay (Retd) - Professional Detective from Delhi, whose experience in this field is over 23 years with proven track record & supported by the team of young & experienced professionals.
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Corporate Private
Detective Investigation:
Under-cover Detective Agency Under-cover Agent
Asset Verification Detectives Asset Verification
Credit Worthiness & Due Diligence Detectives Credit Worthiness & Due Diligence
De-Bugging Investigation Delhi De-Bugging
Security Audit In Delhi Security Audit
Litigation Support Noida Litigation Support
Financial Status Investegation Financial Status Investegation
Infringement of Trade Mark Infringement of Trade Mark
Patents & Copyrights Patents & Copyrights
Loss of Goods in Transit Loss of Goods in Transit
Insurance Claims Investigation Delhi Insurance Claims
Verifying Bonafides of Visa Seekers Detectives Delhi Verifying Bonafides of Visa Seekers
Detective service in New Delhi Detective service in New Delhi
Detective services in Delhi Detective services in Delhi
Detective service in Noida Detective service in Noida

Private Detective Services

Personalised Investigation Detective
Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation
We Private Detectives In Delhi, are sure about increasing crimes like impersonation, fraud, cheating, cyber-crime etc it is becoming impossible to make decision about any person. Therefore, we...
Pre-Post Matrimonial Detective Agency more details ...
divorce case
Divorce Case Investigation
Divorce is a discontinuation of a marriage contract between a husband and wife. Innumerable divorce cases come in the light in everyday life and uncountable number of cases...
Divorce Case Investigation Services more details ...
Theft & Burglaries Detectives Delhi
Theft & Burglaries Investigation
Burglary and theft is the most problematic issue of the present society, which induces insomnia to many of the people. Hiring an experienced Private Detectives from Delhi can help you...

Burglaries Detectives In Delhi more details ...
Why You Should Hire a Private Detective ?

Time and again whenever there was any mention of private detective a labelled image of someone who looks alike as Sherlock Holmes or Dick Tracy in movies are flashes in our mind. However in reality this role holds a great responsibility with it, he is a person who is licensed to conduct all legal and illegal investigation as and when required or hire the services. Though in real their life is nothing less than a reality and a life like any ordinary man/woman with usual routine.

Indeed at times they do come across some of the most weird and dramatic situations and run into some messy cases such like rancorous cheating spouses or some malicious people who truly don't want to be found. However, most of their days are spent doing the detectives investigative work for which any ordinary person can simply don't have the resources, connections or time of their own. Herein are listed few examples of some of the usual investigative work which pack up the days of anyone employee in this profession as private detective.

If you are a business owner, or own a company where in you have a large number of employee and you need to proper assured about the information provide by your prospective employee you can hire the detective services (Delhi) in order to run the background of probable employees, in particular if you are hiring for a sensitive project or position. It is very common that now a day’s people lie all the time on their resumes and job applications in order to achieve the better position and compensation. By taking help from detective services you can save a lot of money and exasperation in the future by little investing in a background check in the beginning of the process of hiring itself.

In simple words, anyone who will be in a subtle, personal position that would be privy to your not to be disclosed information should undergo a background check. A very common example of such scenarios is one when hiring a nanny for your children or a home health care nurse for a unhealthy family member.

You can also opt for detectives (Delhi) just in case you have a teenager or a kid missing and you and police services are yet not been able to locate or get any whereabouts. Or maybe you want to adopt a child or what to trace and find any of old lost relative or friend, you can take help of detective services for all these.

You can also take their help just on case you have lost your important papers somewhere or there is a theft or robbery. Or you are not able to find out some off your important assets then you can opt for detective services to locate all these as well.
Even as a business owner or manager you can take their help in order to run a investigation check on any of your business associate just in case you are about to crack any new deal or investing any investment in other businesses. You can even take help of detective services as surveillance on your employees in case of some confidential project, deal or position.

With the help of private detective (Delhi) you can solve out many complicated issues and be rest assures about the confidentially and reliability, hope this article enlighten   you with satisfactory information on what is the need to hire a detective. In case you still have any doubts about the services offered or any other issues you can always visit our website and our team will help you with all your queries.
Raksha Detective Agency Noida, Delhi, India: Why To Choose Us As Private Detectives
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